CBX Events

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Управление мероприятиями.

CBX Event - расширение Joomla для создания, отображения и управления событиями. Он специально построен для управления мероприятиями конференц-типа. Спикеры мероприятий, сессии, спонсоры и подписка на мероприятия и т.д. Все функции разработаны для облегчения времени организатора мероприятий.

Event Manager

An all round event manager with all basic event feature. Perfect for meetup and conference.
Connects sub features like speaker, sponsors, sessions, ticket etc

  • Event Title, Description
  • Location, lat, lon, google map marker auto complete
  • Capacity, Start Date, End Date
  • Event Profile Photo, Event Banner
  • Allow for Guest or All
  • Free or commercial
  • Event Category
  • Event Ticket for commercial event
  • Interactive Sponsor Add, Edit, Delete and Sort
  • Interactive Speaker Add, Edit, Delete and Sort
  • Interactive Session Add, Edit, Delete and Sort

Speakers Management

Straight forward Speaker management with speaker photo, banner, joomla user connection.

  • Speaker Title, Description
  • Speaker Profile Photo, Banner
  • Link speaker to any joomla user
  • Select Speakers from Event Edit

Sessions Management

Session manager add the conference session session, connects speaker(s) with session.

  • Session Title, Description
  • Capacity, Start time, End time
  • Session Profile Photo, Banner
  • Select Sessions from Event Edit

Sponsors Management

Add sponsor add, edit, delete and finally assign speakers to any event.

  • Sponsor Title, Description
  • Sponsor photo and banner
  • Select Sponsor from Event Edit
  • Category wise sponsor from event edit
  • Sponsor sorting as per category

Ticket Management

Sell ticket for any event, binds ticket category with event. Sell ticket uysing different
payment gateways. Ticket system is available for commercial event.

  • Category for tickets
  • Ticet category binding with any event
  • Ticket title, ticket price
  • Total ticket
  • Ticket Minimum buy, Ticket maximum buy
  • Ticket sell start date
  • Ticket sell end date
  • Publish/unpublish any ticket

Payment Gateway

Sell ticket for any event, binds ticket category with event. Sell ticket uysing different
payment gateways.

  • COD(Cash on Delivery)
  • Bacs(Bank Payment)
  • Paypal standard(IPN)
  • More coming soon(Send your request via our contact page)

Subscriber Management

Event subscribers listing, approval, email verify for guest, email notification, checkin,
checkout and more.

  • Subscriber Name, Event title
  • Verification from subscriber end
  • Admin approval
  • Participant Check-in
  • Participant Check-out
  • Participant’s action(interesting or going)
  • Unsubscribe from frontend
  • Paid or free subscriber

Email Notification

Clean email templates for any kind of notification subscribe, unsubscribe, approve, unapprove,
ticket sell order notification for admin and buyer.

  • General Email setting
  • Clean Html Template
  • Alert – Guest Subscription for guest
  • Alert – Guest email verify for guest
  • Alert – Registered user subscription
  • Alert – Subscription approve
  • Alert – Subscription unapprove
  • New Order alert for admin
  • Order Processing alert for buyer
  • Order Complete alert for buyer
  • Order Refund alert for buyer
  • Order Cancel alert for buyer

Order Tracking

Tracks ticket sell, admin listing of all sell, status, payment gateway status, statistics in
event cpanel/event dashboard.

  • Order Status
  • Event Title
  • Customer/Buyer Information
  • Order Total
  • Paymet methods.
  • Payment gateway status
  • Order Details

Birds Eye Dashboard

Global event dashboard to track summary of every thing. Widgetized dashboards shows quick sneak
peak of the following:

  • Ticket sell statistics and report
  • Latet Ticket
  • Laetst Orders
  • Laetst Events
  • Laetst Sponsors
  • Laetst Speakers
  • Laetst Sessions
  • Laetst Participants

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